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At Videoton the Board of Directors has 3 members, which is practically also equals with the owners of the company.
Gábor Széles (47,05%), Péter Lakatos (26,475%), Ottó Sinkó (26,475%).


Gábor Széles
President & CEO

Graduated from the Technical University of Budapest as an electrical engineer then continued his studies in the executive management programme of Harvard University. Until 1981 he worked at Eötvös Lóránd Geophysical Institute of Hungary as a science co-worker then as a head of department. His first enterprise – Műszertechnika – started in 1981. Currently the Műszertechnika Group consists of more than 20 companies. Its main profile covers industrial manufacturing and financial services, and it also owns a significant real estate portfolio. The falling of Videoton during the nineties was stopped by the privatisation led by Gábor Széles in 1991. As the President-CEO of Videoton he successfully reorganized the biggest company of the Hungarian electronic industry and developed new co-operations with the most significant multinational companies. Since September 1996 he has been the president of Ikarus Rt.
He was the president of the Confederation of Hungarian Industrialists from its foundation in 1990. With the merger of the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and the Confederation of Hungarian Industrialists he became the president of the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (CHEI). From 2008, he is an honorary president of this organization. The primary goal of CHEI is the representation of the interests of the private enterprises, the subservience of their productive participation and to ensure their intensive involvement during the transition to market economy.
In 2005 he founded a television company called ECHO Hungária. His media enterprise was expanded with “Magyar Hírlap” (a Hungarian national newspaper) in 2006.
His work was acknowledged with “Neumann János” award (1993) and with “Eötvös Lóránd” award (1994). In 1998 he won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. In 2000 he received Presidential Gold Award and still in this year he became the “Freeman of Székesfehérvár”. In 2005 he won the MERCUR Award of HCCI (Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). In 2006 he was honoured with the Knight Cross of the Order of Vitéz and the Grand Cross of the Knightly Order of Saint Gellért. In 2007 he received “Báthory” Award for his work on behalf of the transborder Hungarian higher education. In 2008 he received “Pesti srác” award from the World Federation of the ’56 Hungarians. In 2009 the “Független Újságírók Szövetsége” (Federation of Independent Journalists) awarded him with the Gold Grade of “Nemzeti Újságírásért” (For the National Journalism) honours for his sacrificing work in the field of national journalism.
For acknowledging his versatile work and public-life activity in the interest of founding a knowledge-based national economy, he received the Commander’s Cross with Star from the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 2013. In 2014, he received the Gold Medal of the Hungarian Academy of Arts for his support of the national media, his public-life and community activities over and above his exceptional accomplishments in corporate leadership and economic strategy formulation.


Péter Lakatos

Peter LAKATOS was born in Budapest, in 1961. He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest as an electrical engineer in 1983. He went on to perform scientific work as Ph.D. student in computer sciences on “Man-Machine Interaction”.
He started his professional career at Műszertechnika Zrt. in 1986, where he participated among others in the establishment of the Eastern European foreign trade and the world-wide sourcing activity of the company. He played a prominent part in the set-up of the office automation business line of the company. He was Member of the Board at Műszertechnika ZRt. from 1991 till 2013.
Also in 1991, he joined the shareholders of Videoton Holding Zrt, where he is a co-CEO and a member in the Board of Directors even today. Here, besides the usual executive tasks they exercise together with Otto Sinkó (e.g. strategic management, HR related matters), the main emphasis of his activity is on business development and the support of the manufacturing companies’ operation.
Since 2007 he has been the joint owner and honorary president of Bravogroup. With his wife Éva CSIBY they established and operate the charity website which has been online since 2008.
He is also the Vice President of the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ) which is a member federation of BUSINESSEUROPE. Here, his objective is to increase the number of successful Hungarian companies on the world market.
In the everyday life bridge means the mental recreation for him while he uses tennis and golf for maintaining his physical condition. He is also fond of theatres. As him and his family being the owners of one of the historic Bauhaus buildings in Budapest, they house the Átrium Film-Színház (Atrium Movie-Theater), a mainstream-alternative venue there.
In July 2016 the European Commission appointed Mr. Lakatos to Member of the EIT Governing Board. The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent EU body enhancing Europe's ability to innovate by nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting new ideas: 


Ottó Sinkó

Born in 1958.  In 1982 he earned a degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest.
From 1982 he works for Medicor as a software development engineer, from 1983 he is a development engineer at Műszertechnika, - the the largest private computer firm in Hungary - followed by a department lead position in hardware and software development at the same. Between 1988 and 1990 he is the resident director of Műszertechnika’s US affiliate. As uncommon as it was inside the former Soviet bloc this affiliate was responsible for the US merchandising of hardware and software products developed in Hungary and contract manufactured in Taiwan, ironically then subject to COCOM regulations. He continues to remain a shareholder and supervisory board member of Műszertechnika to this day.
Between 1991 and 1994 he earned an English MBA and completed an executive training program at Harvard University in 1996.
From December 1991, that is from the beginning of privatization, he is a shareholder and executive leader of Videoton Holding plc and a member of the Board. Starting from 1996, in a capacity of a chief executive role shared with Mr. Peter Lakatos he is in charge of the day-to-day and strategic management and leadership of Videoton. In this role his primary focus is managerial finance, investment and treasury decisions, asset management and investments including operational control of Videoton subsidiaries. Under their joint leadership Videoton has, in the last two decades, continuously enjoyed the position of the single largest and locally owned manufacturing company in Hungary. Since the 2008 credit crunch Videoton has achieved outstanding growth with revenues having been doubled since and in terms of added value it is continously ranked amongst the top three EU-based contract manufacturers.
Occasionally he enjoys engaging himself for the community and in social duties and is an active sportsman and finds pleasure in playing squash and cycling. His hobbies include reading and contemporary, turn-of-the-century Hungarian painting. He is a patriot of his hometown Székesfehérvár, his charitable work and donations are extensive and he has been a long-standing supporter of Friar Csaba Böjte's foundation for 10 years. He has three sons two of whom work at Videoton.


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 Gábor Széles


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Ottó Sinkó