Videoton acquired the majority ownership of STS Group ZRt.

Székesfehérvár, 29 June 2010 - As a part of its diversification strategy Videoton acquired 51% majority ownership in STS Group ZRt. located in Győr.

Videoton made its first step in the field of energetics, which is one of its targeted new market segments, by investing in STS Group, a company operating as a prime contractor and an engineering office in several fields of alternative energy, owned by Hungarian private persons. The annual turnover of STS Group in 2009 was around 5.5 billion HUF mainly by planning, operating and implementing wind-, biogas-, and bioposh power-stations. The company group plans further involvement in alternative energy industry.
Videoton group -due to its free resources coming from its financial position which is stronger than the average - plans further acquisions in others fields too, which may ensure further stable growth to the company group.

We have a chance also against China

Székesfehérvár, 17 May 2010 - Videoton Electronics Assembly Services Kft. - the Videoton company producing mainly industrial and automation electronics - agreed with the market leader Danish company called Linak about the supply of controlling electronics to furniture moved by a motor.

The serial production of some products has already started and the introduction of further new products is in process in Videoton for one of the world's leading actuator manufacturing companies. The actuating electronics to the moving mechanics of beds and tables are delivered to Nordborg (Denmark). The volume of parts made by the Videoton company belonging to the leaders in the Central European EMS market changes between 5 000 and 40 000 pieces annually. The special importance of the project is that part of the production was transferred back to Europe from China. 
In the field of industrial applications - which is the first priority market to Videoton EAS Kft. - the company produces close to 2 million pieces of electronics and due to the continously won new businesses this number is increasing.

Videoton is the 23rd most considerable EMS company in the world

Székesfehérvár, 22 April 2010 - Videoton, as the largest industrial company group in Hungarian private ownership, ranked 23rd based on the year 2009 figures according to the most up-to-date world rank list published in the U.S. newsletter: MMI. At the same time Videoton Holding Zrt is in the 3rd place among the European EMS companies. (Last year Videoton was 25th worldwide and 5th in Europe.) The list ranks the 50 largest contract electronics manufacturing companies based on turnover.  

In spite of the crisis Videoton keeps, moreover, improves its position. The company could change and adapt itself successfully to the turns in the global market. This is supported by the fact that in the past 5-10 years projects giving substantial part of the company's turnover ceased because whole industries left Europe for the Far East, mainly China. Videoton however succeeded to replace the earlier large (million pieces) series production of consumer electronics, computer products and sub-assemblies by smaller series but higher diversity, more complex, technically and quality-wise higher standard car industry and industrial electronics businesses. In the meantime Videoton has become a major player also in the field of household appliances (irons, kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaners, etc.) The company continued its regional expansion started by the privatisation in Bulgaria in 1999 with the establishment of a new company and start of production in Ukraine in 2009.  Thus the company group may go for winning new businesses which could not be feasibly accomplished at the Hungarian cost-level.