Videoton gained a foothold also in the supply market of semi-conductor producing machines and medical equipment

Székesfehérvár - Győr, 3 May 2011 -
Recently Videoton Holding acquired direct majority ownership in STS Technology Kft headquartered in Győr. In the future Videoton will manage the company as an integrant part of its contract manufacturing portfolio.

STS Technology signed an important agreement to deliver equipment and modules to the European and Asian factories of one of the leading suppliers of assembly equipment for the semiconductor industries. The other important target market of STS Technology is the production of medical equipment. The first successful co-operation has already started in the production of subassemblies to CT and PET equipment with the quickly developing company Mediso located in Budapest. The planned income of STS Technology for year 2011 exceeds 10 million EUR.
The most important capability of STS Technology is: the single and small series production of high complexity (thousands of components and sub-assemblies) machines and mechatronical equipment using in-house produced precision mechanical parts. The company knows its way very well around the world market of the parts applied, its competitiveness is increased by the local and Eastern European supplier base.
The integration of the STS Technology fits perfectly into Videoton’s strategy: in line with the market demands and with the nature of the region it strengthens Videoton’s position in the field of single and small series equipment production. Several innovative companies develop and have precise mechatronics based equipment produced in Europe. As of today it mainly takes place in Western Europe while the South East Asian production many times does not mean a real alternative due to the distance, consequently Videoton, as a contract manufacturer, sees large extension potential in this field from the printing machines to the laboratory equipment.
Videoton’s vertical integration (production of plastic parts, metal parts, enclosures, electronics control units, etc.) ensures an advantage in the competition compared to the companies making only assembly.