Battery pack assembly in the Marcali site of Videoton

Székesfehérvár - Marcali, 13 July 2011Having a smooth co-operation with Sanyo, considered to be its strategic partner already, VT KEP Kft - specialised in the assembly of battery packs in Marcali, Hungary – is glad to welcome another Japanese owned company, FDK among its customers.

Videoton significantly modified and renovated the buildings of the jeans manufacturing factory operating in the Marcali site earlier. The works resulted in a wholly new and up-to-date plant. During the reconstruction Videoton made most of the production area air conditioned and covered by antistatic floor in order to create appropriate environment for Li-ion battery pack assembly in line with the strict specifications. The company established also the engineering capacity necessary to the new product introduction (NPI). The team not only supports the NPI but also able to design and accomplish production lines, assembly and test assets.
Due to these changes the Marcali site of Videoton has become one of the largest employers in the region, giving job to 200 people today. They assemble mainly Ni-MH battery packs to FDK and Li-ion battery packs to Sanyo, which are used in gardening assets, electric manual tools, wireless phones, and electric bicycles. The battery cells coming from Asia are welded together with the help of contacts and cables, then are put to a plastic housing or fastened by shrinking foil. In case of new applications, as, for example the electric bicycle, a high-tech electronics is also part of the battery pack, which is a further supply potential to Videoton’s PCBA sections.
The customers are fully satisfied with the performance of VT KEP Kft.  Both Videoton and its partners are seriously considering the extension of the co-operation.
The infrastructure established in Marcali allows not only this potential extension but also the transfer of further EMS projects. In order to handle the production peaks of its mother company located in Kaposvár, Hungary (VT ElektroPLAST Kft), the Marcali site manages assembly activities different from its main profile even today.