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automotivebatterypackThe VIDEOTON subsidiary specialized in the manufacturing of small household appliances, industrial products and battery packs is now manufacturing battery packs for the automotive industry, too. The subsidiary in Kaposvar supplies a new innovative product for a German Tier-1 Automotive company. This Li-Ion battery pack is part of an e-call system used in passenger cars. VIDEOTON did not only carry out the sampling process but also contributed significantly to the product’s success through its DfX services. Furthermore, the industrialization of the product was also realized completely by the local engineering team.

Our engineers proposed several improvements on the prototype in terms of manufacturing and assembly. Following that, they also designed the plastic housing of the battery pack during which they could utilize the product optimization possibilities of the in-house 3D printer and 3D scanner. The assembly line that is used in serial production and consists of several automatic assembly & testing stations was designed and manufactured by the production engineers of our subsidiary. Furthermore, they also developed a special traceability system for this project. This is also the first time that Kaposvar uses laser welding in its operation.

It has also contributed greatly to the success of the project that the project was able to take advantage of the integrated manufacturing structure of VIDEOTON Group. The ECU of the battery pack is supplied by VT Automotive Electronics Kft. which is fully specialized in the manufacturing of automotive electronics (PCBAs, modules). While for them, the ICT and functional test equipment was provided by VT-ASYST, the VIDEOTON subsidiary specialized in the design and manufacturing of special purpose machines.

VIDEOTON has been manufacturing battery packs in Kaposvar and Marcali for almost 20 years (with now close to 300 people) for a wide range of different markets such as Consumer, Power Tools, E-bikes and Industrial applications, providing full-scale manufacturing and DfX services for customers.