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DeloitteFor the first time in the company’s history, Videoton has been named as one of Central Europe’s 500 biggest companies.

The prestigious “Central Europe TOP 500” list published every year by Deloitte covers countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary as well as the Baltic states and certain parts of Southeast Europe. Companies registered in these countries are ranked based on their revenues and are categorized in 7 different industries such as Public Sector, Life Sciences & Healthcare or Energy and Resources. The 2016 edition showed Videoton’s first-ever inclusion on the list. With its 500 million € revenue in 2015, Videoton was named #473 in total and #120 in its own category, Manufacturing. Among the manufacturing companies registered in Hungary, Videoton is the only one on the list which is completely Hungarian-owned and not a local subsidiary of a multinational group or a company being in foreign majority ownership.

A traditional company of Hungary being privately owned for 25 years now, Videoton has had an impressive growth in recent years almost doubling its revenue since 2009. Videoton expects to maintain momentum this year as well, forecasting 5-10% increase for 2016. Although all activities, technologies and subsidiaries of the vertical integrated industrial group took part in this success, Videoton’s EMS subsidiaries were undoubtedly the biggest contributors. With now 28 SMT lines and state-of-the-art operations in Hungary and Bulgaria, Videoton has been able to strengthen its position as one of the largest European-based EMS providers in recent years further.