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Videoton ended year 2014 with record revenue

In 2014 the Videoton company group increased its cumulative revenue with approx. 17%.  Thus the group's consolidated revenue exceeded 130 billion HUF. Thanks to Videoton’s effective operation, development and stability have been continuous in the past 23 years. Among European contract manufacturers Videoton is ranked in the top three in terms of revenue, number of employees and efficiency.  Growth of other companies in the branch is not even close to that of Videoton.  


Growth was perceivable in each activity (electronic manufacturing, assembly, mechanical part production, services) and in all market segments of the company. Out of its main activities, electronic and electro-mechanical assembly developed the most. Taking Videoton’s main markets, the ratio of automotive industry has increased further, last year it exceeded 40%, so remained the most important industrial branchThis was followed by the industrial electronics sector, its share was about 30%.  The next in line was the production of small household appliances, with a share of 19%, in which beauty care products had a significant role too.  Videoton’s own capital, approaching 84 billion HUF, ensures a stable background to the operation of the company group. Videoton group reinvests substantial part of its turnover carrying on its technological development programme started in 2008.  Last year alone, Videoton spent nearly 5.5 billion HUF on technology investment, using only internal resources and capital strength, without any external credit

Number of employees in the group exceeded 9,200 in 2014, including nearly 5,600 people working in domestic manufacturing companies.  Compared to last year, the number of employees has increased by nearly 1,300 people, this expansion exceeds 700 people in the production companies.  In 2015 Videoton group is going to continue its dynamic development, the target is to reach further 3%-5% increase in revenue.