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Success story in Videoton’s Marcali site

videoton fdk egyuttmukodesKEP Kft specialised in the assembly of battery packs – operated by VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft management – celebrated together with its Japanese business partner, FDK in Marcali, Hungary. The reasons for the event were the extension of the successful co-operation and the substantial quality improvements achieved by the help of the workers.
The co-operation started in year 2010 with a half a year window but has become so successful during the years that now FDK is considered to be one of the most stable customers of Videoton.
This spring the management, experts and workers of KEP Kft started the optimization of the production processes in Marcali at FDK’s request as one. As a consequence their customer service improved and they could reach smooth, high quality production and also customer satisfaction.  This all created an excellent basis to a long-term co-operation and urged the Japanese management to show FDK’s appreciation for this exemplary co-operation by giving awards to the employees of KEP Kft.
VT EP Kft may deem it a huge achievement and success that Junshi Yamashita san, the president of FDK’s European operation and Masazumi Tsukada san, president of FDK Twicell company travelled from the HQ to Marcali only to express their satisfaction by the ceremony and to review the production results. In the gala Tsukada san, the president of FDK Twicell, Mr Gerber, the managing director of VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. and KEP Kft. and Mr Juhász, the factory manager in Marcali handed over the prize to the colleagues with outstanding performance in the quality circles. The three special awards in the category of individual developments were handed over by Mr Tunkli, Vice President, Videoton Holding ZRt. Altogether 23 persons received recognition in the gala, they could take over certificate and reward prize both from Videoton and FDK.
By now, we may say, mutual trust and strong will to achieve further success together is established by and between the companies. Battery production is a huge, potential market where Videoton wishes to play an increasing role as a contract manufacturer and designer partner.  At the beginning of the co-operation Videoton significantly restructured and renovated the buildings of the jeans factory which formerly operated in the site, and it has been continuously evolving since that. The investments resulted in a completely new and modern plant in Marcali. During the reconstruction Videoton installed air-conditioning and antistatic floor in major part of the production area in order to create an environment meeting the strict regulations of Ni-MH battery pack assembly.
The Videoton subsidiary assembles mainly Ni-MH battery packs for the FDK, which are finally used in small household devices (electric toothbrush, shaver, etc.), wireless phones and in the automotive industry. The company employing nearly 260 employees – out of which 160 people work in the FDK project – produced and added value of more than 1 billion forint in year 2013.