manpower fej


  • establishment of industrial parks in Székesfehérvár -> increased labour force demand
  • market demand for local manpower transportation
  • establishment of VT-Transman Kft. in 1998
  • company name changed to VT-ARRIVA in 2013

Our activity

  • operation of contracted vehicles (based on the order of production and/or human resources agencies, often from a distance of 60-70 km)
  • complex organisation of manpower transportation, optimization of the bus schedule
  • almost from house to house delivery adjusted to the shift scheme of the production facilities
  • the evolvement, modification, optimization of a flexible time-table
  • supply of labour force to companies located in Székesfehérvár and Zalaegerszeg
  • active participation in the management of company parties, excursions too
  • alteration, change of the vehicle in service according to request (seating capacity, quality, equipage)

Our references

  • We make scheduled service (public transportation) to BKK Zrt. (Budapest) as contractor and KNYKK Zrt. (Székesfehérvár) as sub-contractor
  • Videoton member companies
  • Flextronics International Kft.
  • Hanon Systems Hungary Kft.
  • Axiál Kft.
  • Bericap Bt.
  • Brooks Instrument Kft.
  • IBM DSS Kft.